Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Idaho Falls 4th of July

This year for the Fourth of July we went to Idaho Falls, ID to visit my sister Stefanie. My mom, sisters and me threw her a surprise baby shower for her sixth baby (a girl), with the help of my cousin Sommer and Aunt Sonja. Thank you!
The trip didn't start off with much of a "bang". We stopped overnight in Wells on the way and did not have a very restful night with my two little boys that would not go to sleep. How could you be mad waking up to this sweet face after two hours of sleep? Luke was still all smiles.
On Monday we walked down to the end of Stefanie's street to catch the annual parade. Carson of course loved watching all the big trucks and floats go by. Boy were the streets packed too! I'm glad we didn't have to try and park and then get out after the parade was over.
Hey it's a tooth float! Maybe Jeff should look into this kind of advertising...
Just some pics after church.

All of the Bundy grandchildren.
After church me Jeff and the kids took a walk around the Idaho Falls Temple and snapped a few pictures. It was fun for us because this was the first temple we walked around together when we started dating around the same time 5 years ago.
On Saturday we rafted down the Snake River. This is something we try and do every summer we are in Idaho. It was especially fun because this was Jeff's first time down with the family. Since the river was flowing high and fast my brother in law opted on a paddle boat so we all just got to take in the beautiful scenery while he tried to get us wet with the 50 deg. water! Usually I like to get in and swim a little bit, but not this time.
Got to love Eric's enthusiasm.
Okay, and Jeff's too!

...and of course the famous Idaho Falls fireworks show (largest west of the Mississippi) starting at 10pm! What a way to end a fabulous weekend. This picture of Luke does not really show how big his eyes were open and intently watching the beautiful show of lights.

Monday, April 18, 2011

The last 11 months!

I don't want to let a year pass before I update our blog so if it means staying up into the wee hours of the morning I will. For those of you not in the FB world (are there any out there?), I will tell you that Baby #2 was born October 22 and we named him Luke Travis. He will be 6 months before the week ends which seems totally crazy to me. Those of you with multiple children should agree with me when I say that time seems to go by so much faster when you are busy with the other(s). Our little Lukey (as Carson calls him) is so happy and easy going which is such a blessing when you have a demanding 2 year old.
For Christmas last year we went to see Grandma and Grandpa Routsong in St. George. For those of you who don't know my very particular little boy and how he DOES NOT like new things, let me tell you, getting him to sleep somewhere other than his own bed is always a challenge. I remember him crying that first night as I put him into the pack-n-play downstairs in the piano room and he kept saying "airplane, airplane". The only thing I could think of to explain this is that he wanted to go back home to his OWN bed.
Thank goodness for Elmo's World episodes downloaded on the phone to keep this very busy boy occupied on the plane!

Jeff decided to throw his staff Christmas party at our house this year. Lucky me! It was fun to have them but it also was a little crazy with a new baby trying to pull of a four course meal including soup, salad, tri-tip, garlic mashed potatoes, asparagus, and cheesecake. I told him next year we are doing the restaurant thing like the previous year so I can actually enjoy my meal and relax!

The last 11 months cont...

Carson had his first bubble bath (don't ask me why I waited so long) in our bathtub. He was very unsure of them at first and would not lay a finger on them until I showed him he could scoop them up and blow them.We took our first trip to the snow as a family in January. It was such a beautiful day and we had a blast sledding.
I always thought it was so cute when my sister Jackie would dress her two boys in matching clothes. And so it begins...
Other than making Luke, making Carson's Halloween costume was probably my proudest piece of work in 2010. I finished it only a few days before having Luke and was lucky enough to capture a few pictures before he ripped the cape off.

The last 11 months cont...again...

Carson turned 2 on January 3rd. Before introducing Carson to Sesame Street, I never really understood the craze about Elmo! There was never an Elmo's World when I was growing up, nor a lot of the things that are on that show now (personally I don't even care for the new groove to the opening music). After having it on a few times in the morning I noticed that he would never stick around for very long watching, that is....until Elmo came on! All this said, I never imagined I would be throwing an Elmo bday party. But it did happen. Carson drug that Elmo balloon around our house for two months afterwards until it was a sad, shriveled up glob of blue and red foil.
My attempt at a cake.
This February our friends The Stevulaks came for their second annual trip to the exciting town of Rocklin. If it weren't for them, we would probably never go to San Francisco because it is so far away. :) But I'm not opposed to a little Ghiradelli square. We had to take a picture in the same spot as last years'.
...which is this one.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Baby #2

Yes that's right, Carson is going to be a big brother probably sooner than he wants to be. I kind of made an announcement on facebook already, so now that I have some time I thought I would put it on our blog. I am 17 weeks today and feel as big as I did when I was 25 weeks with Carson. Oh well. For all of you who may soon start asking what we are having, well you will have to wait because this one is going to a surprise. I know, kinda scary since I only have boy stuff. I figure my sister's will let me borrow some stuff for a while if it's a girl. Right girls?
So far the pregnancy has gone well. I was training for another half marathon when I became pregnant and was able to keep training until I was about 7 weeks along and then all of a sudden I lost all my energy and couldn't even run down the street one morning. So I got to go be a cheerleader for Cindy when she ran the race. It was fun being a spectator, which I have never done before in all the racing I have done, surprisingly enough. Yet it was also a bittersweet moment because I love racing so much.
The due date is October 27, which I'm sure will come creeping up on us.
Oh, and Happy late Mother's Day to everyone!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Carson's birthday

Obviously I have a lot of blogging to catch up on. I can't believe that three months have gone by since I have done anything with my blog. My apologies go out to everyone for my lack of comments on your blogs also. That is going to change soon and I'm excited to read them.

I've decided to post the most recent happenings first and work my way back as to keep it less confusing.

First of all Carson turned 1 on January 3rd! I know everyone always says, "I can't believe my baby is one!" But really, I can't believe my baby is one! The year has gone by fast and at least I can say he isn't growing too fast. He seems to never change in my eyes until I look back at pictures and see how short his hair used to be. (It really is growing like a weed and I don't know what to do with it.) Carson is just starting to take some steps on his own but he still loves to crawl. Most people who have seen him crawl will agree when I say that he has invented about ten different styles of crawling. He uses each one at different times depending on how fast he wants to get somewhere. I really should record them all, its hilarious. Since he's been on his feet walking more the latest crawl has been on two hands and two feet. He knows he should be using those feet someway or another!

He's not much for words so we are working on baby signing right now. It's fun to see how much he knows what I am saying also. After we are done with dinner Jeff gives him a bath almost every night and so I tell him, "You wanna take a bath? Go take a bath." And he crawls upstairs and heads into his bathroom. When it's time for a nap and I have him up on the changing table (which is right under the window) and say, "Okay its time for a nap." He will stand up and close the shutters in his room. And one more thing I think is too cute is that he reaches for the garage door opener to close the garage while I am carrying him inside from being gone.

I know he is going to be a kid that I can't hide anything from because he notices everything. That saying out of sight, out of mind does not work with Carson. He remembers and will not stop until he finds what he is after.

Anyways back to the party... to keep it simple I decorated with 'C's that I cut out from cute pieces of paper. I made him a little cake and put a paper 'c' on top.

Here's all the pictures of him digging in.

All the in-town cousins came to celebrate with us. Here's grandpa Bundy holding Tessa, Kate and Carson.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


We were able to host the Christmas festivities at our house this year. We had Jeff's parents, my parents, and my sisters Stefanie and Cindy and their families. So it made for a big crowd of 8 kids opening presents on Christmas morning.

We used this little wooden rocker from Jeff's childhood to capture the first pictures of Carson in front of the Christmas tree. He definitely felt like the center of attention during this photo shoot!

On Christmas eve the grand kids acted out the nativity scene. Carson was the star, George and Anna were Joseph and Mary, Kate was baby Jesus, Jack was the cutest donkey I've ever seen, Daniel was the shepherd, and Francis was the wise man.Carson discovering a truck in his stocking.Carson was taking a nap during all the present opening chaos so he opened his later on by himself. Obviously he didn't know what was going on.Cindy made these really cute ornaments for my mom out of blocks and put pictures of all the grandchildren on each one. My mom loved them and what a great and thoughtful gift she gave her. She also made me a Christmas count-down (wish I had a picture) out of four bigger size blocks.The view of the mess (after some clean-up) from above.